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Hindi Alpha Card Set
[HAC - 2002]

Hindi Alpha Cards are a set of flash cards containing all the Hindi letters of the alphabet. This is a great way to teach anyone to recognize and learn the Hindi Alphabet in fast and fun way. Each card is two sided and introduces a new letter using words and pictures already known to you or children. The front of the card shows the known english word starting with or containing the letter and the picture. Here you will also have an area for practicing the letter. The word is given in Hindi and in English so that you can connect the letters in English and Hindi. On the back of the card, 4 more words and pictures are given. Here you may see other words starting with the same sound but using different English alphabet letters. For example, "'A'" as in "America" and "'A'" as in "Earth" makes the same sound for Hindi letter "'A'"(Read in Hindi). These cards are plastic coated and can be used with dry erase markers for writting practice the alphabet. They are very easy to clean, just wipe off with a tissue. Educate yourself or children with these quick and easy to learn Alpha Cards. Lets learn Hindi the fun way. Get the complete Hindi Alpha Cards Set. For starters, you may want to refer to our Hindi Alphabet Cards for writing Hindi alphabet practice at once.

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