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Marathi Alphabet Chart
[MAC - 1001]

The Marathi Alphabet chart will teach you how to write Marathi Alphabet without a tutor. Chart will guide you step by step with easy to follow instructions. Numbers on the arrow are given in English so that it is easy to follow by any and all ages. There is a special area for tracing the letters of the alphabet and writing their own letters next to each letter with a dry erase marker. The back offers more space to practice so you can write your own words over and over again. The laminated chart is two sided and covers all the Marathi alphabet letters. It is durable, easy to keep clean and can be used as a place mat on the dinning table where the letters of alphabet can be looked at often and learned easily. Educate your kids with the Marathi Alphabet Chart. For next step, get a set of Marathi Alpha cards, which will introduce the letters of the alphabet with visually appealing pictures and words already known to them.

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