Study: Bilinguals Have Faster Brains
- 10 January 2013, ABC News
Speaking two languages can actually help offset some effects of aging on the brain, a new study has found. Researchers tested how long it took participants to switch from one cognitive task to another, something that's known to take longer for older adultsRead Full News...
Quick-n-EZ™ Founder and CEO Yogini Dahiwadkar Named One of Seven 2011 "Toyota Tribute            to Working Women" Honorees
- 24 October 2011,
Quick-n-EZ Language, Inc.™ by IndiToy, Inc., a worldwide provider of educational products and e-learning services, announced today that founder and CEO Yogini Dahiwadkar has been recognized by ABC-7 and Washington Area Toyota Dealers as a 2011 honoree of the "Toyota Tribute to Working Women" Award.Read Full News...
Quick-n-EZ™ CEO wins award for Toyota Dealership       
- 20 October 2011,
Quick-n-EZ Language™ Attends the 17th Annual Diwali Mela Event
- 11 October 2011,
Quick-n-EZ Language™ Looks Forward to Participating in the Star Heritage India Festival in Fairfax, VA, CEO of Quick-n-EZ Language™ shares   Read Full News...
Quick-n-EZ Language™ Participants in 15th Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America
- 19 July 2011,
A worldwide provider of educational products and e-learning services, takes an innovative, scientific, and tested approach in developing a suite of language learning products   Read Full News...
Quick-n-EZ Language™ in SmartCEO, Washington DC - July issue.
- July 2011,
For some, the idea of striking out on their own was too intimidating. Others had the big idea but lacked the skill set to start a business.   Read Full News...
Quick-n-EZ Language™ Updates Innovative Website with New Language Learning Tools
- 30 March 2011,
Quick-n-EZ Language™ ( announces today the launch of new featured tools on the Quick-n-EZ™   Read Full News...
Quick-n-EZ Language™ Announces the Opening of a New Phoenix, Arizona Location
- 11 November 2010,
Quick-n-EZ Language™( announces today that they have opened a West Coast office location in Phoenix, Arizona   Read Full News...
IndiToy Renames Language Learning Products Quick-n-EZ Language™
- 27 October 2010,
IndiToy, Inc.( announced today the name change of its educational language products from IndiToy to Quick-n-EZ Language™  Read Full News...
Ellicott City woman turns language into business
- 22 April 2010,
When Yogini Dahiwadkar was trying to teach her then 4-year-old daughter Aboli her native tongue of Marathi, she found that her preschooler  Read Full News...
IndiToy, Inc. Develops New and Refreshing Approach to Learn Hindi
- 13 April 2010,
Quick-n-EZ, Inc. has developed a new and refreshing approach for people to learn the language of Hindi. Their products are educational teaching toys  Read Full News...
IndiToy, Inc. Revitalizes an Innovative Method to Learn Marathi Languagen
- 30 March 2010,
Quick-n-EZ, Inc is redesigning and revolutionizing the way people learn the language of Marathi. The product is an educational teaching toy  Read Full News...
Learn to Speak Hindi Online
- 26 March 2010,
The founders of Quick-n-EZ Inc. explain the easy way to learn Indian languages. Watch Video...
IndiToy, Inc. Launches New and Refreshing Product to Learn Marathi and Hindi
- 26 March 2010,
Quick-n-EZ, Inc. an educational toy company, established in 2009 and located in Columbia, MD has developed a toy to learn Indian language easily. Read Full News...
Indian Language Learning Made Fun and Easy for both Kids and Adults!
- 26 March 2010,
Quick-n-EZ, Inc in Columbia, MD, an educational toy company has made Indian language learning easy and fun for both kids and adults without the need of a tutor. Read Full News...
IndiToy, Inc. Develops New and Refreshin
- 26 March 2010,
Quick-n-EZ, Inc is redesigning and revolutionizing the way people learn the language of Marathi. The product is an educational teaching toy. Read Full News...
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